ACTAI Ventures empowers builders of impactful companies with financial and social capital from a global community

ACTAI Ventures invests in founders of high growth, early stage companies that leverage digitization to make industries more efficient and processes more  replicable and scalable.  We believe technology can be a force for good and support companies solving challenges aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

About Us

Co-founded by Bill Tai and Amanda Terry, ACTAI Ventures is a venture capital firm backed by an international community of entrepreneurs and investors with deep domain expertise and desire to support innovative founders.

Our Criteria

We invest primarily in pre-seed to Series A stage companies and believe innovation can happen anywhere.

We are interested in startups that:

Apply digitization and data science to lower friction and make industries more efficient and processes more scalable and replicable

Disrupt massive markets and are well-timed in their technology wave with high growth, reasonable valuations, and positive impact

Solve challenges aligned with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals in an ESG-driven framework to use technology as a force for good

Connect with us

ACTAI Ventures Team

Amanda Terry

Co-founder and Managing Partner
ACTAI Ventures

Amanda Terry is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the ACTAI Unicorn Fund II. Amanda Terry is an innovative entrepreneur, community builder, and angel investor with over 20 years of digital media sales and business development leadership experience. She has been personally angel investing with Bill Tai since 2018.

She is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for Metagood, a pioneering Web3 company building on Bitcoin. They made history with the launch of their NFT collection, OnChainMonkey. The collection was the first 10K PFP collection all on-chain in a single Ethereum transaction in September 2021. They made history again becoming the first 10K NFT collection on Bitcoin in February 2023.

Prior to  Metagood, she led direct response ad product sales at Twitter.  She was also part of the early TARGUSinfo (acq by Neustar) digital team running Publisher Development and Identity.  She has held leadership roles at NBC in Corporate Development for their Local Media division when they acquired the Weather Channel, was one of the first US employees at video syndication platform 5Min Media (acq by AOL), and was part of a 2-person partnerships team running Zagat (acq by Google).  She started her career at Trilogy Software and is a graduate of Princeton University with a BA in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management  from the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania.

Bill Tai

Co-founder and Special Limited Partner ACTAI Ventures

Bill has been funding companies as a Venture Capitalist since 1991 and has had 22 companies he backed at the early stage grow to become listed companies. He has served on 8 public company boards from his portfolio.

He is the Founding Chairman of Treasure Data (acquired by ARM / Softbank), Founding Chairman of IPInfusion (Tokyo:48130), Chairman of NASDAQ (HUT) listed HUT8 Mining, and is a lead seed investor in Canva, Dapper Labs, Safety Culture, and Zoom Video where he was 1st to commit as a backer. He was the founding CEO of Internet Data Center company iAsiaWorks (IPO via Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley) and founder of Tradebeam, a leader in SaaS-based Global Trade Management.

He has been involved in the digital asset ecosystem since 2010 and has been involved as a catalyst in the creation of Bitfury,, Gigaverse.comOneOf, Metagood (Chairman), and Powerledger.

After earning a BSEE with honors from the University of Illinois, he joined LSI Logic, a startup formed by the CEO of Fairchild Semiconductor. He then earned an MBA at Harvard Business School. Returning to Taiwan, he was issued Badge #A001 just after the formation of TSMC. Afterward, he established the semiconductor practice for Alex.Brown & Sons, driving IPOs of Atmel, Adaptec, Cirrus Logic, Dallas Semi, Exar, and Zilog before becoming a venture capitalist. He was granted a PhD from Curtin University, where he is an Adjunct Professor focused on “Innovation and Economic Development” and Chairman of ACTAI Global – a 501(c)3 uniting Athletes, Conservationists, Technologists, Artists & Innovators supporting ‘active conservation’ of our environment and economic empowerment via entrepreneurship through projects such as the Extreme Tech Challenge, Necker Blockchain Summit, and West Tech Fest.

Why ACTAI Ventures

“Bill and Amanda are more than just investors, they are mission-aligned partners who will leverage their expertise and network to help companies like ours scale.  They have been instrumental in negotiating one of our largest strategic partnerships, as well as have made sizable new customer introductions.  We’re excited to be a portfolio company and look forward to significant growth together!”
James Citron  |  Founder and CEO,
“When you’ve created something special and truly remarkable, you expect the same from your investors. Of all the smart money out there, we chose Bill to be our sherpa and he’s done exactly that. By distilling three decades of world changing experience, he’s helped us architect our growth at every step of the way and given us an advantage we are incredibly grateful for.  Now, with added support from Amanda and the entire ACTAI community of trailblazers, we’re confidently paving our own path and bringing community driven currencies to a world that needs us more than ever.”
Grace & William Wong  |  Co-founders, Liven
“Amanda and Bill are fantastic to work with. They have made foundational commercial connections, contributed to strategic planning, and supported us through very challenging market conditions. We couldn't ask for better partners in building Dyad.”
Alex Tayler  |  Co-founder and CEO of Dyad

ACTAI Ventures Values

We carefully choose who we invest in and who we partner with to ensure our vision for the future is aligned.
Our values personally and as a venture capital firm are:

Always Act With

Stand For Something Greater Than Yourself

Contribute More Value Than You Take

Human Capital Is More Precious Than Financial Capital

Empower People To Solve Problems At Scale

For The Truly Engaged, Work And Play Are One

Our Investors' Backgrounds

Investors US 73%
Non-US 27%

investors 25%

CFO of 5+ publicly
traded companies 1

Worked at the United Nations for 10+ years 1

Competed in Extreme Tech Challenge 15%

Over 50 investments in crypto 1

books 2

Have tried kiting 37%

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

Portfolio Companies

Dev Ops
Crypto & Blockchain
Web 2.0
Sustainable Goods
Dev Ops
Crypto & Blockchain
Crypto & Blockchain
Applied AI
Healthcare Tech
Applied AI
Climate Tech
Applied AI
Applied AI
Climate Tech
Healthcare Tech
Fin Tech
Blockchain & Web3
Crypto & Blockchain
Crypto & Blockchain
Climate Tech
Crypto & Blockchain
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Crypto & Blockchain
Ed Tech
Web 2.0

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